Naughty Bits

by Glenntai

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Michael Sugrue
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Michael Sugrue Valentine wasn't on there when I downloaded it. great track. now I'm going to have to put it on my iPod with the rest of your music.
Thunder Fox
Thunder Fox thumbnail
Thunder Fox Naughty bits and justice for all! Glenntai knows how to funk things up! Favorite track: FUCK YEAH RACE CARS.
Jesse Rolfe
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Jesse Rolfe Groovy and awesomesauce. Glenntai knows how to cook up a funky jam like nobody's business
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Glenntai's second album, Naughty Bits will make you dance, bang your head and keep coming back for more... like any good set of naughty bits should do. Yes, I decided to keep that lame joke in there, it was totally worth it.

Digital downloads are free! Any donations will go to hardware for live shows and starting funds for some cool merch ideas I've had. After that, it'll be for things like, making sure I'm not homeless.

Physical CD and Special Edition CD coming soon!


released December 29, 2012

Mastering by Sean "the Sexiest of All the NickelPUNKs" Callahan.
Art by Amber "Why do I put up with your bullshit, Glenn" Marnell.

BONUS THANK YOU ROUND (Since I can't fit all of them on one CD inlet:)

Peter Haggerty, Danny Pryor, Obtuse, Eric W. Brown, radioscotvoid, the 8bitX radio network, Eric Byrnes, Chip Mom (bestcookiesomg,) every venue and show that I've been a part of, Jamie York (yaaay, GU!), and all of you that have taken the time to listen to even one of my tracks.




Glenntai Woburn, Massachusetts

Chipmusician. Absurdity enthusiast. Collector of silly hats. Founder of Clipstream. Loves incomplete sentences and.

Glenntai explores Famitracker and LSDJ like some kinda nerd. Here's his music. :D

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Track Name: It's Dark Down There
Bleep bloop tsh
Track Name: Whole Lotta Sand
bleep bloop tsh
Track Name: WTFunk
Bleep bloop tsh
Track Name: Robot Overlord Establishment
Track Name: Bleep Bleep
Bleep bleep bleep, bleep.
Bleep bleep bleep! (HONK)
Bleep bleep bleep, bleep.
Bleep bleep bleep! (HONK)
Bleep bleep bleep, bleep. (YEAAUP)
Bleep bleep bleep! (HONK TIMBALAND)
Bleep bleep bleep, bleep.
Bleep bleep bleep! (HONK TIMBALAND)

I wasn't kidding when I said "Sing along if you know the lyrics," btw.